loveyourQ makes you love queuing

How fun is it to stand in line? The feeling of an otherwise perfect day just isn’t as positive any more when you think about how long you stood idle, waiting for whatever you were actually there for.

And for companies who run entertainment and tourist attractions, there are surely profits to be made if visitors aren’t stuck queuing. Not to mention freeing up space that today is taken up by queuing areas.

This is where the virtual queuing system loveyourQ comes into the picture. Visitors get in line to the attractions they want to try with the help of a mobile app, then keep an eye on waiting times and receive push notifications when it’s their turn, or if something happens that delays their ride. They can also see on information screens which attractions have shorter queuing times.

While visitors wait for their turn, they are free to do whatever they want – buy snacks, grab a drink, or play the chocolate wheel. Or maybe try something new with a shorter queuing time?

loveyourQ started as an idea with one of our employees and we have since developed a fully functional, stable solution, with integration options for various back-office systems.

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